What to Expect at RB Surf Boarding School

Q. How much are lessons?
A. Group $75. Semi-Private $85. Private $105. We love what we do, we hope you do, too! Our instructors are living what they love, teaching YOU to surf! If they do a good job, showing your appreciation with an awesome tip is appreciated! 

Q. Are there waves in Delaware?
A. YES! The Summer months offer fun surf to learn to surf. We've been teaching people to surf at the Delaware beaches since 2004 and surfing here longer. Our instructors will take you to the best spots our coastline has to offer.

Q. Is the water cold?
A. Summer water temps range from the mid 60's to the mid 70's. If it's a little chilly, we provide wetsuits FREE OF CHARGE to keep you toasty.

Q. Where do we surf?
A. Our surfing area is as far North as Cape Henlopen State Park and spans down to Assateague Island. Typically, we teach within 15 mins of our pick up locations.

Q. What kind of physical shape should I be in to surf?
A. You must be able to swim. Being able to do 10 pushups helps, too.

Q. What if it's raining?
A. We're wet anyway! And surfing in the rain is a lot of fun. If it's lightning or thundering, or if we feel conditions aren't good for learning, we will reschedule.

Q. What to bring?
A. The beach day basics. Show up ready for the water in your swim suit. Bring your towel, sunscreen, water and snack for after the lesson. We provide all of the equipment needed for the lesson or tour, SUP's, paddles, surfboards and if need be, wetsuits. We also provide transportation to and from the meeting spot and lesson/tour location. 


Q. Can spectators watch the lesson?
A.  Absolutely! The next best thing to surfing is watching friends or family get that first ride. We encourage everyone to come and cheer on the students. Feel free to follow the surf school van to the lesson location. The state parks charge a parking fee. So, remember to bring $10 for parking. 

Q. When are lessons available?
A. We are open from Memorial Day Weekend through the end of September and have several instructors who teach on a first come first serve basis. We do offer private lessons during the off season. Call (302)745-5804 or email peter@rbsurf.school for availability. 

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